Velvex - Bulkbox Wholesale

Velvex is the company’s flagship premium brand across the region. The Velvex brand commands market leadership across several product categories it is present in and these are: 

Toilet Tissue, Napkin Tissue, Kitchen and All-Purpose Towels, Facial Tissue, Cotton Wool, Aluminium Foil, Cling Film, Liquid Hand Wash, Liquid Multi-Purpose Detergent, Dispensers, Sanitary Pads, Toilet Cleaner, Scented Urinal Mats, Disinfectant Toilet Balls, Hand Sanitizing Gel, Wet Wipes, Air Fresheners, Hair Nets and many more.


KSh  –  KSh

  • ‎KSh 1823
  • ‎KSh 1924