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Soko is good food for the Kenyan family. Our Soko products go through the highest level of quality testing to bring you great food at affordable prices. Stock up with Soko today!

Soko Home baking Flour 12x2Kg - Bulkbox Wholesale
Save 6%
KSh 2,450 KSh 2,300
Savings vs Retail: KSh 150
BrandSoko Pack Size20Kg bag
Soko Maize Meal 12x2Kg - Bulkbox Wholesale
Save 25%
KSh 3,000 KSh 2,260
Savings vs Retail: KSh 740
BrandSoko Pack Size24x1Kg
Soko Home baking Flour 24x1Kg - Bulkbox Wholesale
Save 8%
KSh 2,490 KSh 2,300
Savings vs Retail: KSh 190
BrandSoko Pack Size10Kg bag

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